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Red Cedar Mulch

Red cedar mulch is a great way to protect plants and flowers, while enhancing the look of your lawn or garden. The size, texture, and matting characteristics help to eliminate weeds by blocking sunlight. These same features also help to keep moisture in the soil beneath, essential for gardening. As it decomposes, the mulch adds vital nutrients to the soil. The aroma of red cedar mulch, along with the presence of plicatic acid, helps to deter insects such as ants, fleas, and termites. It also has a high nitrogen content that causes it to take longer to breakdown. This makes red cedar mulch very durable, which means replacing it less often. The matting characteristic helps to control soil temperature to keep roots cooler in the summer and shelter from freezing in the winter, while also controlling erosion in exposed areas.


Used in barns and stables, cedar sawdust makes great livestock bedding. It can also be used in dog pens and under playground equipment. Our sawdust is housed inside to keep it out of the weather. This allows customers to get dry sawdust anytime without the worry of rainy days.

Cedar Chips

Cedar chips is our newest product offered. Chips can be used as bedding like sawdust or for ground cover for plants and shrubs.

Colored mulch requires 24 hours of dry weather curing after installation.


$30.00 per YARD 

$3.75 per BAG (2 cubic ft) 


$20.00 per YARD 

$3.00 per BAG (2 cubic ft) 


$30.00 per YARD 

$3.75 per BAG (2 cubic ft) 


$33.50 per SCOOP (2.5 yds)

$2.25 per BAG (2 cubic ft) 


$20.00 per YARD 

$3.00 per BAG (2 cubic ft) 

Mulch and chips are available in wholesale quantities.

Please contact our salesman Billy Gene Smith (931) 397-1368.


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